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swore solid experience because of the vision technology. ap the advanceu processing unit, at this computer the graphics processor and the central processor large into one. what does that mean? better better high- definition, faster internet. how many times do you get on line and you say the internet is low today? it is not the internet it is your computer that is low today. this 70% faster than a typical dual core computer. forgetting about windows 8 for a minute, we will get back to that. i do not care if this wasxp or vista, amd docorer processor that is a lot of but
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this means less waiting. if you are tired of looking 8, glass or a spinning circles that will go away. you did not have to wait for this computer and will be ready for with the better processor. you are able to6 c13 more with tea 500 gb hard drive. [reading] [reading] >>guest: something i have not said, the battery life is in extended battery life. anywhere from six-11 hours of battery life in a computer that weighs
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just over 5 lbs.. the processor power more intelligently samsung is one of the top technology and computer makers in the world.number one on my list of what i want in a computer, is this a screen i will be comfortable looking at all debrisday. this is a huge part of the equation. incredibly late a longer battery life--light. it is a stainless steel backing. i usually put samsung and sony to gather
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because they build sleek concierge machines. --to gether. and when you eject this cd dvd player it comes out so beautifully but it does not snap out like others. everything about this is done in a smarter fashion with a four usb ports. a high- definition webcam. five studded $60 worth of additional software. what do you think of the lifetime of customer support? >>guest: usually you get one year. samsung does 247 for the lifetime of this product.and
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they are of the opera tear, the upper level. technical support, twitter support email,welcome everybody back to the next hour. people who have picked this up again of quantity for the weekend. as we approach the of the season we only have about three weeks left. free shipping and handling if you buy thisseveral hundred dollars' worth of full version software included
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free if you the productivity software. [reading] id is more than the price of the computer itself. when you get the computer it is not like any other computer you have tried. and having amd processes produce this. they make the processor everything is combine to. you get a will wield smooth machine. tajo >>guest: it glides out like a this is the next
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level up. we do sell grid computers that hsn, this is samsung, a brand with a catch behind cachet behind it. one of my favorite things about windows eight is how easy you can go between the windows eight screen where you have titlestiles here are your charms. we are so busy and this computer just before we go out on this computer hsn extended money back guarantee. you have until january 31st.if you do not love
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this computer, no questions asked. shannon smith tells a story that not much longer than six years ago we did not do this televisions, we do that now if you have not tried samsung per your you can get samsung into your house. if for any reason you are not thrilled or you can send it back, no questions asked.if i wanted you to know, there is the ease of mind that of the return policy. let me show you some more stuff about windows eight. now first of all we have the store. it
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is a microsoft store. it like an application store. and you have the power, the power of a full dual core processing computer you have a full brain right here full laptop computing power in a tablet. you can download at all of these three applications. sports begging banking sports social networking. view editor three we include for free these are all applications you can
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download for free. what does it has made applications for your computer possiblewindows eighthas made applications for your computer possible. i push this home6 c13 the desktop that feels like windows seven. i can toggle in between those two just with the push of at may be a need to get to window is seven for a minute. you could do you push one more by ted and your back to windows a pre-- and you are back to windows
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eight. here is the map icon. just came up? i can go to my location. it brought up the tool bar.i can change the map style. to where we are prepared these are you are never going to see in anything but a window is a computer. i know we are extremely busy and there are so many things to show you on windows eight. you have never me present windows eight of the
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samsung on a---m asa--of and a samsung computer because i have never done it before preadapted. who knows what the price maybe next time. this computer is so powerful i am in 100 million homes. o your friends and family this computer is just under 6 with an extended battery life. i think adjust
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salt myself a computer. --i think i just sold myself a computer. . your retail value of this computer is over >>host: your retail value of this computer is3 $900. you get this for about 40% off. go and grab this and you are getting a great computer. we had a samsung it was my first computer. i still have that thing. all i had to do was replace the battery. did you
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really say it is like 10 or 11 hours? >>guest: it can last six-11 and it is conservatively six hours prevent. longer if you do not use things like video. depth.there is also at application in celebration. your entire experience is 70% faster than your typical computer.we almost have 1000 of these sold. it will be in short and quick visit. i am
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showing you the of vipre anti-virus software. difference with a vipre anti- virus software, for under $90, and free shipping and handling, 10 computers will be protected. it breaks down tor each computer. you pay for this one time. it will speed up your old computers. this your friend guy yovan, and people can have this running on their computer. >>host: for the average person, that are paying 50 bucks a yearvthis is 10.they last for a lifetime.
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that person will be protected forever. you could do this for your brothers, sisters, cousins.if you have a small company you just took care of 10 computers. once they go down or if there is acost $150 to fix it. we have about one extra minute on. one more time we want to tell you about the to $900 in the retail market. we have this with free shipping and handling. everything you are is included free shipping, $105 additional flex pay. with your hsn card we can give you the vip plan.
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[reading] >>guest: 3 have a of beaded states customer base support. sabahcustomer based support. >>guest: if you type in the word help, it will bring6 c13 windows help and support. it will teach you how to do this touch slight, and beyond it.--
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swipe and beyond.c13 you are getting the lowest priced samson computer computer this is a great computer i love this computer. i am so happy for you if you chose to upgrade your computer this is when you are going to absolutely love. >>guest: it is a samsung you will be happy when you picked this up. you are my man for the hour we have the kindle fire coming up. it is the latest and the 13 and a half thousand the lowest kindle fire we have offered it is brand new. memory 8
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gigabyte 71 device storageof storage on your device you could get this for payments under $40.if you have a kid on your list. this is the way to go. [♪ music ♪] >>guest: think you and welcome to the spotlight. >>host: holiday time is a great time to sign up for the hsn card or hsn mastercard. you can save $20 off your first purchase to apply, give us a phone call. [reading] >>host: now, for all of you beauty product lovers out there are you looking for the next great beauty product to try? check out and total beauty dot com to try eight
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deluxe be samples, like lancômer, and so much more. we will help you find the next beauty brand, check it did. . [♪ music ♪] [commercial]
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[commercial] [♪ music ♪] [reading] [♪ music ♪] >>host: that was me in that this lg touch screen is a knock it did deal. --dead deal.
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1400 minutes are built in which could last you one year. it is $12 a month. [reading] >>host: every time you put on minutes they triple it for the life of your farm. cell phone. . half of this race.price. been this cell phone has
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received so many awards from jd power. now we are joined by melissa dawson >>guest: this is the perfect gift for the holidays. this will be perfect for6 c13 kids, no contract or credit checks. you essentially get this cell phone for free. worth$well over the place of this cell phone you get your home charger, car charger, earbuds can triple minutes for life you get the black case and you choose a second color case of your choice. many of us
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what the smart phone,--wanrtt the smart phone but we do not want to sign up for a data plan.we have amazing coverage as well 99.9%c13 states population is covered if you have a t.n.t can you are going to get better coverage because you have a t.n.t and t-mobile.--at&t and t-mobile print.ook how on the left side
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it is still trying to load the web page. your three g speeds you are flying. also wi-fi enabled get you can jump onto any hot spot for free pre.e. i can be checking my e-mail for free pre and everything for free pre money as well it is free to do all of that.
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>>host: it will put you into control. this is something you can take advantage of the money put into this. imagine every time i put your car car. this already comes with 1400 minutes, how long will that last? average, for most people >>guest: that will last about one year. people in my family 1400 minutes will last them a whole year. any
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unused minutes will carry over with you. my mom has a bank of over 2000 minutes. it is the most affordable way to have a smart phones. it would be great for your kids, your mother, you want to get hurt in to texted. into testing. xting. you can activate this when you are ready with at&t, t- mobile tim love rise in we had a phone call last night, the customer and his wife had to order #two of these. they are not heavy talkers. they are receiving $100 a month switching to
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tracphone. --are saving over $100 a month. >>host: do you realize if i have this tracphone i can go down to about $10 a month high in saving about 11 of $1,200 a year. -- 1100 or $1,200 a year. still have $600 more and 90 the bank. and triple minutes for life. if you purchased five lottery tickets (...) and the other great thing is there are no credit
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checks. there is no bill. $26 for what? you are the boss. you are in control of your cell are in of this cell phone. what you put in your going to get and the biggest secret in the phone business c13 types of deals. and this is lg. you can print out in half by 11 borderless photographs. we have this to show you the high end features. 3.2 in. touch screen display. you have a video recorder, you can do picture messaging bergamot it is the easiest
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cell phone we have ever had to use. social networking, facebook, twitter. you can do all of that on your smart phone, and free international phone calls. show you ghoul maps. googleaps. gps built into your tracphone. it is going l in lives time to show all of the traffic information. it also has street .aybe you have
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never been somewhere before you can look at this on street if you. view. never available before you get all of thesethis for free. go for this you will save yourself so much money. hot and you can save half this amount of money by getting this phone. you will love
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this. >>guest: er the world no extra charges for international calls. [reading] >>guest: if you do any kind of international phone calls. you now have a cell phone you can take with you anywhere. it will be in local phone call. in my favorite feature, if you are
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not into texting this does have a full keyboard it does have something better prepared it brings up this in search screen i can record a new video. we want to send a text message to lori leland. hello lori leland it is melissa dawson and guy yovan we hope your having a good day with your husband. you just push this paper clip.- phones out you can do it this easily. [electronic voice]
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>>host: you can >>guest: you can now send a video had that feature before on a track from. tracfone. aaron berger's mom picked this up. >>host: a great first from for the kids. --phonefor the kids. it is triple minutes for life. if you go down the here is what you aretting if i went
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down to the bank. money is money.take advantage 1/2 to cancel out on a contract if i cancel my right now i would save about $700. it is a great idea >>guest: my friend kathy bought two of these for her granddaughters. it is a great way to stay connected with your kids. we should go through this offer again for flex payments goes away tonight at midnight. it is your lg cell phone, more than we have ever had you have a
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triple minutes for life photographs your earbuds are included you can not even pick up the separate covered case. blue has been selling the fastest. zebrathis. only a few more presentations and then this will be gone. you do not need to sign the contract. this even has a built-in mp3 player. you want a great stocking stuffer with this is your speaker. it will hold your you can load all of your music on here.
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>>host: this is great. we have this available in different colors >>guest: the fact this is your mp3 player. there is not one featured this does not >>host: it is not a scaled-down version you have the beautiful touch screen display. and you have video with optical zoom. we just did a videotext. it is fast. it is so much quicker. >>host: we have about a minute and a
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half, all of the color cases. we are giving it enough air time for a year's worth of surface. service. if you are frustrated with your existing service, pick up this cell phone. facebook, a twitter international calling. all of these- features, street view, it is now all built into your cell phone. a perfect way to pick this up for you. we what the smart phone this will be your summer fun. smart many people
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have the antiquated cell phone. this is set up to be easy. every time they put money into this, >>host: you can >>guest: you can roll over any minutes to have. >>guest: we are crazy >>host: eight kindle fire today's special coming at next after this short break--a special [commercial]
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>>host: we are about to experience one of the most exciting premiers of the year. take the magic bullet, and take it to a whole newexperience this is not a it is not a blender. be a nutrition extractor. of those of the choices we need to make will liquefy it into a drink which is tasty. a handful of this, you put this in your nutribullet and you are making the most delicious and nutritious drink for you and your
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family. free shipping and handling them are and $99.95 for four flex under $25 here is your kindle fire. >>host: o.k. everybody knocks [♪ music ♪] >>host: here is your kindle fire. you will not want to return this it is amazing first time we have done this with free of the lowest price ever. eight gigs of all of your favorite applications are built into this. i
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have talkede books, the awesome amazon app store. aaron berger gets this delivered to a >>guest: lmost 14,000 are gone already. we are trying to save some for prime time tonight. i will get right into this. lowest price we have ever done on the kindle fire. there are other off brand tablets, sometimes you'll see those at lower prices, not here. it is the lowest price tablet.
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it is so easy to use. amazon has done an incredible job when you think about a kindle you talk about the videos. being able to tell no programs to get--downloaded programs. i will turn down this volume. like at this. is. it is a beautiful reader.when you do your applications everything is faster. now this has a dual core processor. less than
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$200, it is a dual core processor. it has a multi touch screen. lowest price we have ever 8 gb of memory is misleadingit is stored on the cloud, for anything that you download, over 120 and--120,000 movies and tv episodes are on your. also for the first month you can borrow books for
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free. store included. not to mention the thousands of applications you can download in the amazon application store there are over a million22 million things you can download. this is the free application of that day. this application is usually 99¢ per every day and application you would usually pay for is because this is such
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a short we have a couple hundred people on hold i am trying to give as many people out as much information as i can. thousands of applications. there are 120,000 movies you can download. >>host: we even have this " feature called >>guest: we even have this cool feature calledto-speech.i will go
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into my reader.b. and i need to show you mightndy which is really popular. . --m y handy holder. this has text to speech.this can be read to them >>host: this is on
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just about any book. >>guest: if you are on the airplane you can have this read it to you.weekly, $39.99 really quickly, the will be next to sellout. i love this white color. >>host: have many of these are left? 500 and white, 300 and pink. --in pink.who would not protect their investment. this designed to go along with your kindle fire. we are shortening the presentation today
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because the kindle fire is going so quickly. >>host: we do have customers who shop later on. this is something you need to know. we will start to have shorter presentations. you can do what ever you want on your kindle fire. it at lugs web pages 40% faster. --it will download pages 40% you can do things like your email.i will open this up and it will open my e-mail. i can get from those in the videos, and the other thing i can do is respond to e-mail. we have
9:50 am
included a stylist with this. you can use your fingers or the stylists,stylus.and you have all of these applications, you can do not flex. it is a super thin tablet which is always convenient. net flicks, you can download office things. --netflix. you application called apps text so you can send and receive text messages for free pre may be and 99¢ to download. but all of the text messages will be
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can also be good to go on that if you pay for a monthly subscription--on netflix >>host: there is no doubt to me that this will sell out.if you want a case to go with this camera go ahead and get is the gift that every kid wants. it is not so small you can put this into your purse and you can even put this inside of your jacket pocket. do this, if you are buying this for kids, they have made this 30 percent harder. let the kids
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have fun.they do not need to treat this with kid gloves. they can have their fun. enjoy this what you can. minutes remained in the presentation look at this. you are watching the streaming video it is some moves, no offering popping into the picture, it is a beautiful--amy popping into the picture. the latest and the greatest kindle fire is here. >>guest:
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lowest price tablet for the rest of the year. lowest price tablet and you are getting quality. we have the best price you have ever had. lowest price we have had. you get a huge fantastic name brand. we are now doing some gaming.i am always playing some angry birds on the side. this is called the carousels. angry birds, netflix i have my photographs, the internet, you can watch videos is my map quest photograph. it
9:54 am
will tell you turn by turn directions that this is the size of an iphone screen i think it is a little bit more convenient. now it is 30% stiffer than the plastic track your kids bang around dawn--truck at would not say it is indestructible but it isit also has parental
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controls called free time. this could hard tablet but your children can have their own law again. depictedlogi. it is a safe space. i know a lot of our viewers are buying multiples. we are not going to limit quantity. you look the screen we are getting close to 15,000. we do not
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have much more left in quantity. we do not want until later you can use the fax it is realistically the most and the best for the price. it has a longer battery life. >>guest: a producer asked me to let us we do not have many of the red case left. it is a
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pitifully lined case that fits the kindle fire. --beautifully lined case that fits the kindle fire. and we have these simply to impress card. and the simply to impress card is an actual card. >>host: it is a lot of fun. have a couple of minutes remaining when now
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have mike from california, welcome on and neck. out as a holiday gift for somebody? >>caller: yes my mother is 89 years old and she loves to do email. >>host: this is perfect for mom. they will have millions of books available to her. >>caller: a friend of mine something similar i bought a more expensive tablet. >>host: we love these have a happy holidays. >>host: now remember under $40 to bring this home. >>guest: the lowest
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price tablet for the rest of the here are all of your features a dual core process cypriangorgeous 7 in. screen. the most popular screen in the country. you can download as much as you want. we will show you in design applications store,you have a paid application you can get for free every day. there are 7 cree for watching videos all of those
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things you like to do. you will absolutely love this. >>host: this under it is a true (...)6 c1doing a good job. >>guest: thank you. >>host: we will see you tomorrow on hsn today. [♪ music ♪] [♪ music ♪] much for joining us at hsn. i and alyce caron. you are about to experience one of the most premieres at hsn. the first time ever we have brought you one of the most exciting products on the market. it is called the nutribullet and is our showstopper [♪ music ♪] >>host: there is nothing else like
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this in the marketplace and we have it here at hsn. magic bullet makes this, i know you have heard3 bullet. this takes the magic bullet to a whole different level. before have you been able to juice blend, and liquefied with the power of the nutribullet. this is a nutrition extracted it will allow you to ask dracula food you will get the benefit from that than seeds and vegetables and fruits. the power is incredible and the simplicity is better. over 500 have ordered. you get the incredible nutribullet right here this is where the power inc13 magic happens. we have great configuration. we will get the cup with a handle and a
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lead. you in other cut that means you can take off the handle. --with lid. and another copyout the handle.we have the extractor blade and the milling blade for herbs this book is incredible and it teaches you about nutritionvrecipes that will apply to your lifestyle. we have this entire thing priced at 99 95¢ and four flex payments with free shipping and handling. --$99.95. start to order now and do note because this is the ultimate gift. but we are excited to have the person that developed the product he is
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longevity expert for 15 years he very well-known in the holistic community.not only that he works with clients that are global and acid as they help toevelop the nutribullet. we are happy to you here. welcome to hsn >>guest: thank you very much. is where the happens. this is the nutribullet is a technological incredibly compact and easy to use. there are no dial source switches. this is the number-one selling kitchen appliance in america right now >>host: we have the best price in america right. the simplicity you can take metrician and maximize polling of the nutrition into a drink -- pulling
10:04 am
nutrition >>guest: we have an orange lime, blueberries. this is what we want to stay healthy. i am traveling all over the world this is how i stay healthy. some honey i love honey because i am a beekeeper. that will soothe our throats if it is sore. have ginger that is a special ingredient that is another soothing ingredient. goji berries, will throw that in there. and then a little bit of sea salt for the bottom that is great for hydration. now we will add some purified water. we
10:05 am
have a mats line here -- line oxidation it will last longer in my refrigerator. i will drop it on the base said it will go like that. >>host: wait into you see what happens a matter of seconds. that is crazy because we did not chop these into tiny pieces are take a seat belt. none of that. that is simple and easy. that is part of the beauty of the nutribullet. >>guest: check this out. you just press the extractor blade off go through the straw. this is fabulous. you could use this as the cup if you wanted to. it is unbelievable, the flavors of this is incredible. how
10:06 am
much you love the fact that this is the breakfast champions? what are you reaching for right now when you get out bed? is it a bagel or something sweet? do not do that you can make this in seconds. this is a nutrition and extractor the seeds the stem, and the skin is in here because that c13 the nutrition likes to hide. we have free shipping and handling and 4 months to pay for this. click buy now to get yours because people are ordering multiples. + we are including [reading] >>guest: you gete million blade for the grains and the will get the book as well that you will read -- the million blade -- milling blade when you
10:07 am
look at this book you will know why you want to eat these foods. is so easy the recipes are fabulous >>guest: this is a beautiful but it is part of this configuration. what i love about this project it is easy to use n is easy to clean. you can just run days the blades under the sink and you are done. >>host: you could use this as a blender or as a juicer. this takes all of to a much higher performance level. it will rival blenders and the machines that are 4 or $500. would you do that would you could do this? this is pretty and easy and easy to clean. when you see
10:08 am
the difference of what a blender versus the nutribullet, seeing is believing we will show this to you. >>guest: can you help me? >>host: i am a good sous-chef's. >>guest: we can see how the nutribullet will defer than a standard blender. >>host: is this cale? >>guest:yes for fiber and we have all these flaxseeds you will think to yourself how is that getting we have cashews for creaminess and a great flavor. now we can fill this up with water now we will put on the extractor blade in you have yours going over there. we will fire this up at the same time and see the difference. are you ready >>host: yes
10:09 am
>>guest: you can see the exclusive cyclonic action with the 600 w of power and the 10 rpm the blender this moving and all around. now we will stop. that is fantastic. now we will pour through the colander to see what is left over. these entire premise is that wec13 liquefy the food. watch what happens. >>host: the top half and pour it into here. i see some chunks. >>guest: swirl it around and see what you can do >>host: i am swirling. even the color is different david. >>guest: i have the liquid and all the way through. alyce
10:10 am
caron has so much pulp leftover it will not go through the colander. you can sleeve that sitting there. -- leave that.she will be here for 10 minutes doing that. >>host: do you see the problem here? >>guest: through without any residue >>host: you want this to be liquified so nobody can use this quicker and faster and a taste better. you do not want that bad texture >>guest: that is horrible. we what a liquefied that will taste good, but there will be no bill pink the pulpit -- no gulping the pulp. we can make a different beverage for women and men because we are different and when you are 50 is different than when
10:11 am
you are we can out frozen to superfood by accessing the nutrition and the skin and seeds. let us get going. it is important that you understand this is technology that you have not experienced before >>guest: 60 magic bullet cyclonic action and you have 600 w of power and tend r.p.m., and does this without vibrating or moving. c13 designed -- 10 rpm13 will only act by a small placed on your counter >>host: everything is done in here, that makes it easy to clean >>guest: have sesame seeds and pomegranates and green leafy
10:12 am
vegetables and blueberries and cinnamon's. these are all great and delicious flavors because the key will taste good >>host: you also want the right texture. >>guest: goji ey are jumping out again. this is great. we are having fun. you have a beta source and zeaxanthin that supports healthy eyesight. maca is another superfood that we will talk about later. we fill the two water to the max line, now we are ready to rock and roll. we will put the extractor blade on you just pop this on the base said it does not move >>host: there is
10:13 am
rocking, shaking moving. is doing is liquefying and a matter of seconds. 99 bellezza added 5¢ was four flex payments and free shipping and handling -- could use express ordering you could still take advantage of the flex payments and the free shipping and handling. you need to get this home when now appears that >>guest: of health when you give this the way you are inviting them to be healthy. check this out at, >>host: there is no need to take notes because everything will be in the book that is coming with it. sit back and absorb the information and that is what we would like to do. >>guest: i could run out the door like this, if i need a lid i have one to cl
10:14 am
in it and you are running off to work >>host: i can taste the cinnamon, that is fabulous! >>guest: that for women and that will bring it the mojo you had at 20030 >>host: i will take all the mojo that you can pour into a glass now >>guest: we have won four of the guys >>host: what we are seeing is how the patented technology works >>guest: we have cyclonic action that also cleaned up easily and it will be delicious. it will be easy to use. will put in broccoli beets >>host: there is no need to drop this tiny just to get inside >>guest: it is and
10:15 am
the great skin >>guest: that is right a lot of the super nutrition and will be in seeds and skin . what the nutrition and extractor does is exposed as said, breaks it up and liquefies it's a you get more money more value for what the money with the food. you will add some seed, and i have chia seeds that is a super food that is omega3 fatty acid it is great for digestion and it soft and easy to digest. i will add the chia seeds oil in a smoothly 13 cocoanut water this is for the men when they are working out when you were 50
10:16 am
years old to do not have the power you have when you are 20. you can get it backeat well. you can get your 5 servings of fruits and vegetables in your diet with does 1 free shipping and handling, for months to pay for this. you will not this cellule elsewhere. look how smooth edges. this is what is all about --you will not get that value everywhere. this liquefies the nutrition so your body can use it >>guest: 6 the number one selling kitchen appliance in america right now because it works. use and simple to clean. i started when i years old windows, this patented technology is completely sealed off so the kids can
10:17 am
get and there they cannot get to the blades there are no dials >>host: is simple you just drop it in and go. you have a crazy 600 w ofpower >>host: i know that is for the boys but i want to take that -- taste that >>guest: let us have a try >>host: fabulous >>guest: that was amazing! it was incredible! i did not even taste the broccoli. we want it to be so good that you will not even taste the ingredients that you think taste bad. >>host: if you have been wanting to eat healthy what would you rather do? [reading]
10:18 am
>>host: the choices are easy and the affordability is crazy. we are crazy busy on this. this is the best value in the entire country no one else has this except for $99.95 this will be an investment in your health. this is not about you this is also about your family and the people that you care about. give them gift of health. we will present this in a minute but i recommend that you drop this in your basket now $19.95 for a superfood superboost.this is 30 a scoop to this to what you are doing. you will get four super foods blended together all done. no one else has this combination of super foods except for your david wolfe >>guest: i introduce this to america
10:19 am
maca goji berries all mixed in there for you. i made this easy for you that is what made this to do. the last drink this is where we the biggest complaint in america. i am too tired. i do not have the energy to keep going >>host: 3 of my list >>guest: we will build a nutriblasts rehab raspberry z-- we have read as berri here, citric acid with the pineapple, what to see what the nutribullet will do to almonds, raw
10:20 am
coacao powder. i love honey. i am a beekeeper so please use money, but could use something else we. -- we have hemp seed for protein. now the superfood superboost cacoa, chia, maca, goji. one scoop this is a 30 servings, might lead to love them 30 days.have 1 scoop for a boost of extra protein this is all organics superfood.the last ingredient is the liquid. ave a max lined what
10:21 am
we are going. this cocoanut water is the best natural source of electrolytes >>host: i got everything i needed to make nutriblasts yesterday >>guest:13 it will last, you have 10,000 rpm the food biologically available. 600 w of power, looked out and does not moved it is not going anywhere. it occupies a beautiful place on your kitchen counter. >>host: this will stay put it you- just watched the part that you need to. i cannot wait to try this one because i need energy.lowry from florida is joining us, is this a gift? >>caller: yes i am,
10:22 am
good morning >>host: of feeling great the breakfast of champions >>caller: absolutely i have had one since may of this year >>host: that is fantastic >>caller: what do you: we drink these things 5 days per week we have replaced the blender. i watch you putting in the ingredients we also put swiss chard and kalei was always intimidated by kale, we also use the chia seeds,and coconut oil >>guest: fantastic >>host: >>caller: they say that coconut oil is good for your brain >>guest: we are supporting of the organs with the nutriblasts. we are switching of breakfast 100 million americans drink coffee every day, let us make a better choice eight nutriblasts of better nutrients and
10:23 am
energy to lift us up >>host: you have noticed a difference in terms of how you feel from changing it every day >>caller: it is a huge difference, i am sitting in boise idaho on business and when i travel i will take this with us and go to the local markets and gather the vegetables and make them in our hotel room. i do not have to go out for breakfast. >>host: is this easy to use and easy to clean? >>caller: it is very easy to and easy to clean. we keep them and the container like you see there. 630 or 7:00 a.m. this is my boyfriend dag, he does this for me every morning. >>guest: the men i getting new jobs out there, but be careful >>caller: it satisfies your body i do not get hungry
10:24 am
until about 1:00 p.m. it is amazing >>host: thank so much we are glad that you are sharing this is a truly wonderful gift >>caller: i have one more thing to say it. i am glad to meet you guys all of our friends that come over we make them and at least five people have bought in boise idaho and i was talking about them here at a market yesterday >>guest: you bring an amazing point to send your friends to get them but they are sold out across america. you get a special deal today and you get free shipping you can get fornds and family you can call right now in individually said neutralists to your friends and family to free. you will get free shipping -- stand and nutribullet it is
10:25 am
truly the gift of health. thank you so much i love hours. >>host: thank so much for shopping and enjoy your holidays >>caller: merry christmas to you say >>host: to you.i sell a lot of products here and when i walk down the hall this is the no. 1 product that people want to talk to me. it is incredible the the people that are ordering today that i have talked to. this is an incredible product that works and it is also simple and easy. one of the great price is getting the book.c13 this is so easy to read. it is a $29 value that we are included is3 value in the marketplace. 2400 have now ordered. please do not miss out on your opportunity four
10:26 am
flex payments of free shipping and handling, you love everything about it just like the caller laurie.foods we had your opportunity to do that as one else has this combination of four super foods put together for you, it is already too stupid to what you want. 30 -- add to what you want >>guest: this is a great at ninth you can get multiple packets of superfood superboost.s is updated protein power. goji berries is a protein super fruit that very interesting. chia seeds, in mexico and literally they are sold out in the entire country of mexico.this is for athletes is
10:27 am
complete protein and omega3. maca known to be a aphrodisiac.the last ingredient raw padded chocolate it is not taught the unflavored -- it is 100% co you get all of that and one at nutriblasts in that you are ready to go, you are ready to rock and roll >>host: this makes it we will not do it if it is easy. simple and easy and affordable. i am of all the choices you can make to give as a or
10:28 am
read the addresses that you make for yourself to be proactive about how we feel. blend from pennsylvania is joining us at hsn happy holidays >>caller: happy holidays to you >>host: is this for yourself or as a gift? >>caller: is for my family and myself >>guest: i just ordered it.i have beat magic paillette >>caller: i met you at the school of nutrition in new york >>guest: fantastic i loved that school >>caller: i am so proud that you are keeping that going >>guest: i love to give the gift of health. we are at the point in america to give the gift of health but a better gift than the nutribullet with the super fruit. this is an exclusive deal to put it together you can take a great ingredientsx them
10:29 am
together but then you can give it a superboost with the super foods and really get going in the morning in a way that you have never experienced before. >>host: think you will love this glen oint it with a family >>caller: i appreciate it, thank you very much >>host: i ordering a couple if you can because they are going quickly. this is simple and easy. it is your 4 difference super foods put together in a fabulous and convenient easy to use package. this is the premiere of nutribullet at item #230-087. we have is that the best price of the country at $99.95. we will include natural foods book that is full of information and is easy for you to read. everything is easy. if your destiny and we will
10:30 am
do another full presentation of the nutribullet with david wolfe so stay with us [♪ music ♪] >>host: welcome to the c13 want to make sure you stop by the arcade to play the fashion tale holiday hunt game, you can play and earned arcade tickets. more to earn more ticketsvuse posted this to win the items you just pleasant $500 hsn gift card. about the holidays for everybody else? check out the holiday gift store to find a variety we have special pricing at
10:31 am >>host: we hope that you will stay with us at hsn [reading] [♪ music ♪] >>host: i look they will stay with us is coming up the next hour with her precious perfume collectible set. holiday price said 74 others and 3 flex payments available. after a fun presentation with marilyn miglin we have the norelco makeup -- we have the no!
10:32 am
no! coming item number 099-792. stay tuned for that but we have an exciting premiere at hsn now [♪ music ♪] >>host: you are looking at the hottest selling appliance in the country, it is best value on neutral bill it that you can find coast- to-coast, but north- south east-west in our country. this is the nutribullet. it is made magic bullet. is taken to a whole new level and experience. this is not a juicer, it is not a blender, this is a nutrition and extractor. it will liquefy everything that you put inside. the benefits of the nutrition even more so papaya we,. have an
10:33 am
incredible configuration and you have the nutribullet 10,000 w of power. blade -- milling b lades for liquefying. get the extractor blade. you get your small cup and a big cu. have a fabulous collection of information. it is a hard-cover book that normally at $29 in the marketplace. you cannot find it at the market place is only available through the infomercial. your best value is here.the infomercial will not give you four flex payments like we do. today a third of the quantity has been
10:34 am
ordered. david helped develop the nutribullet. he is the longevity and nutrition expert.he has written five best-selling. his clients global ambassadors ceos, thank you for being with us >>guest: thank you alyce caron it is great >>host: people say they will wait till january to get healthy, but what and the world would you wait one more minute to make a simple and easy and affordable choice today? >>guest: is the best time ever to the gift of health. we have created an offer that is great for your family and also for friends of you wanted to give this as a christmas gift. hsn will ship this to fre free to friends and family.but you have to act quickly. we have the entire configuration we have the hardcover book the strategies and the recipes. we have
10:35 am
all the cups, lids, handles, the power base that is the magic of the nutribullet 10,000 rpmthe 600 w of power the cyclonic action is here.this is my favorite device. it is the number-one selling kitchen appliance in america now. >>host: no one has this price but us right now. we will tell you why the lines are going crazy. if you are in the ordering process is the best way to hop to the front of the line. we jason hu as already ordered his, welcome to hsn >>caller: hi >>host: what made to order the nutribullet today? >>caller: i have been looking at juicing systems for a while my wife bought me an expensive one for my birthday for a total juice extraction,
10:36 am
when it came time to use it it did not perform the way that they showed it would. nutribullet i said this is exactly what i have been looking for everything in a single serving cup totally pulverize everything that you have put inside. the other systems to still have big chunks of stuff that is left over. i saw the strainer demonstration you had a few moments ago. i love the flex pay. this comes with everything that you need it comes with the book this is a great >>host: glad >>guest: this is an
10:37 am
amazing demonstration for an incredible product. i got with this so i could provide health in you can liquefy food. that makes it easy to will get access to the nutrition and that is in the seeds and skins. normally that would pass through us because we can at digestive. now when fire this up you will see what it will do it will liquefy all the incredible ingredients. you take ordinary foods such as toy ginger and turn it into a super food because you are extracting all of the nutrition >>host: we are glad that you are shopping today. let us hear from in your experience. happy6 c13 >>caller: thank you happy holidays >>host: enjoy that jason. to your health! look out quick and easy that was. it is quick and easy cleanup >>guest: it is also
10:38 am
beautiful. these are the great flavors in our world here are some berries. that are blueberries inside that is important,oji berriesis the superfood addition.we threw the ji berries >>host: makes it tart >>guest: it is a complete protein you could have put the superfood superboost in there and that would guarantee the protein. people do not eat 5 fruits and vegetables per day but you can do in one sample beverage >>host: my daughter and i went to the store last night (...) this is different than a juicer i do not use that because i have to buy an entire i can
10:39 am
just put one apple in some lime juice and i was daughter asked for a second glass i pink you promise you.she loves spinach and it was delicious with lime. i was watching her drink said it really? order to them 2 ofthem we have >>host: a special color on the line >>guest: have jennifer dial is calling from connecticut >>caller: i have my nutribullet a while ago the most important impact it has had on me i a nutritionist and exercise physiologist and i recommend this to my clients. particulate the weight loss or hypertension clients because they do not get fruits and vegetables. this one quick and easy step to maximize their nutrition and it has been life
10:40 am
changing for most of my clients >>guest: that is so good to can see the exclusive cyclonic action with the 10,000 rpmat liquefies the and exposes the nutrition3 protein in bioflavonoid we may not get this in a normal diet. it is super important to be able to liquify our food. we will show the vs eight traditional blender. juicers' make the juice and lenders makes movies but then nutribullet will make supercharged nutriblasts. -- blenders make smoothies3 will add some cashews creaminess pineapple, spinach some water and we
10:41 am
will compare this to a novel -- normal; >>host: will add all that same stuff in here, it now some liquid. i have to update you watching the quantity disappear. we are halfway through the quantity and this is first presentation in and it might actually sell out. if you are interested and ordering more than one with free shipping and handling let us deliver more than one. do not think you will come back for this later because i think this will sellout. >>guest: let us do it! >>host: look at the difference! >>guest: have the 10,000 r pitp cyclonicm action is
10:42 am
the most technologically advanced kitchen appliance out there. we are seeing the real in our house when we liquefy the 5 servings of fruits and vegetables every day just one nutriblasts. top! have colanders have a strainer situation so we can see what has been left behind. >>host: i cannot get my top off [laughter] >>guest: do you have this problem at home? i grew up using a blender but i do not use them anymore because they are bulky and they are clumsy. now we will pour it through the strainer and see what is left over.c13 here is the nutriblasts, check it >>host: is it done already? i am trying
10:43 am
>>guest: at all the pulp and fiber left behind the blender. you will be built thank you-- thank you gulp pulp, that is gross.the magic of the nutribullet this is able liquify your food and make a delicious texture >>host: free shipping and handling the book is included that you will read it has great information. it is just like the nutribullet extract the information and make it easy for you to absorb. i can look up information on foods that help me sleep better. to take notes you can sit back and enjoy the
10:44 am
presentation because we are including the book. that is $29 value. we will go to florida because sonya just ordered her second nutribullet >>caller: did >>host: tell us >>caller: i got first one to the infomercial, was so impressed that i took it to work every day i bring my fruits and vegetables and whip it up and enjoy a darned good beverage >>host: that is can you tell everybody is this case good and easy to clean? >>caller: it is very easy to clean. it takes less than one minute to whip everything bet fruits vegetables nuts >>host: how often do you use >>caller: i use this everyday >>guest: thank you
10:45 am
for bringing this up people of using this machine daily. this is life changing. families are focused on the nutribullet in the morning. i started when i years old with a blender and now we are here with new technology. it is 2012 so do not use technologies from the. i have my i have my collard greens for fiber, i have pomegranate 4 and 8 oxidants, i have toilette that have omega3while lots >>caller: thank you veryc13 >>host: thank you for and talking to us today. let us keep going. >>guest: us say you
10:46 am
got a 30 year-old woman that is different from when you are 30 we want to get our vitality back we have cinnamon and blueberries and pomegranate i will take the super foods super food i will add somegoji berr iesa tablespoon of the superboost super foods >>host: we will tell you more about that but i highly recommend what you ordered (...)juicer doubler quantity is already -- of the quantity is already gone.get these superfood superboost ed $19.95 it puts it together beautifully >>guest: here is here >>host: will add your ingredients in your liquid >>guest: we have some pure spring water. see the max
10:47 am
line? that way you feel it too. this completely seals the beverage from oxidation it will last in the refrigerator longueur. you put this on the power base and we are ready to go >>host: item #232- 967 about 5500 of you have made the choice. i have about 2000 remaining. please use express ordering if you can. you can stilld a flex pay and free shipping and handling. feel free to order that will haunt you to the front of the line. -- 6 c13 line. when he >>host: tasty flavors and the smooth texture it is easy to make a great choice now >>guest: will
10:48 am
play this out and you will try it >>host: i love that part >>guest: what we can do is lying on a handle this is the actual blending container but it is also your cupso you do not have to pour into something else >>host: can i leave this for a day? >>guest: 6 c13 foods are height anti-oxidant they are cacoa, chia, maca, goji the highest anti-oxidant substances they are. that is why it last in the refrigerator the anti-oxidants will keep it good and healthy for you in the refrigerator. 6 c13 >>host: this delicious! i love the cinnamon with the honey. it is all in here.david will mix up another one for us but in the meantime we will go to the telephones.
10:49 am
delcaof florida is joining us who has been nutribullet but she got a super foods today >>host: howdy love got nutribullet? >>caller: but it is my only appliance in the kitchen and have thrown everything else out. i use this 3 times per and has made a significant change to myself i have lower cholesterol and triglycerides i do not take any medication and i am 53 years old this is easy difference @ out with hot water with you are throw. i would recommend it. >>host: this easy for you to use? it must be if you use this three-time spray >>caller: i have on 946 months but i ordered the super foods today. those ingredients are hard to find >>guest: that is why we put that together for you. thank are bringing that up these ingredients
10:50 am
are difficult to find cacoa, chia maca goji said you can get your super foods into the blended beverage. even with the magic bullet you can still at the super foods in. with the new nutribullet you will have a supercharged with the superboost i can >>host: case that the coacao 6 c13 chocolate is one of the greatest super foods in the world >>guest: magnesium and phosphorus for the bones and vitamin c. that is right, chocolate is high in vitamin c. it has) chemical is the natural indoor fin that we get when we work out -- en dorphins. all
10:51 am
natural protein it is all superfood with no preservatives. we art >>host: glad you are enjoying your nutribullet >>caller: thank8 knot cleaning this will cure anything -- saying this will cure anything but you will have nutrition and affordably you are looking at the superfood superboost half of the quantity is also gone at $19.95 item #232-967.look how nothing is moving or shaking. all you
10:52 am
have to clean is this and the top3 >>guest: it will clean in seconds it is simple to use. i love a child cannot get her hands inside >>host: we do recommend that an adult uses this >>guest: i started when i was and kids today have great abilities that are learning so much from the internet. their brains are working early give them a superboost with the anti- oxidants and give them some vitamin c% support your memory and health that is true any age.look how beautifully that is it is absolutely gorgeous nutriblasts. i would give would to you alyce caron, do not worry. >>host: love tasting all these flavors hiding the flavors is releasing them the the >>guest: the greatest flavors in the world such
10:53 am
pineapple's raspberries, chocolate, goji ries >>host: that chocolate that was yummy.we are including those super fruit available item232- 967. you will love this when you get it home. walking down the hall i have never had3 people stopto talk about any product that i have sold. people are excited is simple easy and tasty. i will not to cardboard. is easy and affordable. i understand we have a color saw the infomercial on the nutribullet but ordered it from us, it is a better >>guest: it is, that is true >>caller: it i
10:54 am
have been wanting to get this in. then i put it off i have a friend in california that ordered one she has had hers for a while we wanted to do it together to motivate each other. will be very excited that i got mine today we can start doing it together even- though we live across the country from each other >>host: is fine but you can use skype cord duet over the it is fun share the experience. this is a positive experience >>guest: it is giving the gift health, you could give this as a christmas gift and you are giving away health. what could be better than sharing that with your best friends and family? even if you lived across the country you can skype and call and talk about your nutriblasts in the morning. we have to save ourselves before the this is a way to get
10:55 am
our 5 for its and vegetables and our nutriblasts everyday yes >>caller: that is all very important. i am picky eaters so this is a great way to get in my required nutrients sew i can be healthy >>host: you are what you eat, that is what they say. it is nice to drink this is simple and it is tasty thank you for shopping with us. have fun with your friends and thank you. of nutribullet or if you would like to eat 60 c. of broccoli? it is >>guest: so much easier just put flax seed in a nutriblasts instead of 60 c. of broccoli. when liquefy nutrition and it will be absorbed, that is the point. ay of
10:56 am
super nutrients we also have our superboost on top of everything else that has cacoa, chia, maca goji inside it has the omega3 fatty acids, no preservatives in 100 scent organic superfood protein boost. if you get this with the nutribullet that is the way to go. you can get us for a monthly supply ready to buckle >>host: go to the phones and speak to alexis from arizona >>caller: morning >>host: 2 disorder the nutribullet? >>caller: i just ordered this, my neighbor has the magic bullet the older version. she loves it it turns everything into powdered form, she has been telling me
10:57 am
to get one.i decided today that i would get one, i am excited! >>host: excited to get it to you because i know millions of people love the nutribullet. the power is incredible. this is simple and easy >>guest: + graceful it has a graceful look and appearance. the energy is beautiful and it looks good. we have a compact machine with 10,000 rpm cyclonic action that will liquefy your food and turned a normal berry a superfood because you have the nutrition from the seeds and the skin >>host: thank you will send this out to you thank for shopping and enjoy your holidays youtube >>caller: >>host: to yourself! --
10:58 am
your health that i! almost to thousand of you in the ordering process, if you would like this you should order now. if you want to send this as a gift we will ship this to wherever you would like. the superfood superboost is also getting limited. would grab a couple of those you will find that you use it every day. that 30 servings it is for difference super foods combined cacoa, chia, maca, goji id >>guest: use this twice birthday he had >>host: all lot of energy >>guest: thank i use mine twice perk dr day >>host: the book is amazing. you will use it. the recipes are amazing and easy
10:59 am
to use. it even tells you what the drink is 4. >>guest: if you want to support your lungs or brain we give you 8 nutriblasts for that. >>host: there are so many recipes you will never be board will always have new flavors to try >>guest: if i run out of cups that, i would just through this on and i just build that on myself [laughter] >>host: not item #232-9674 the superfood super black i recommend to get a couple of them to add thei have 7500 that have been ordered maybe 1600 left it could sell o

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